Continuous Aluminium Gutters

Light and Durable


Continuous Aluminium Gutters

Stalco offers a wide selection of Aluminium gutters and matching downpipe systems to suit your home. Aluminium guttering is lighter in weight with strong durability making it a great choice for duplexes and housing units with large roof areas.

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Key Features

  • No joins or screws
  • Cut to measure
  • Less chance of leaks and rust
  • 31% Heavier than industry standard
  • Reduced wastage

Hi Back Ogee Gutter


Hi Back Ogee gutter gives your home a colonial style finish that is popular with heritage style buildings. Different in appearance from traditional gutters with its inverted curved features and slim sharp lines, it is ideal for gutter replacements where you require a different look. Available in our long life aluminium which provides real value for just a little more.



Flowmore is a large capacity, high flow gutter system that is both stylish and functional for large roof areas and long runs to down pipes. In strong high tensile aluminium, it has easy installation features due to its light weight. This makes it a durable choice for large homes, duplexes and housing units. It is the ideal choice on two story homes and multi-story buildings where regular maintenance is difficult.



Fascia Gutter is a deep gutter system that provides both an attractive fascia and functional gutter in one. In a strong high tensile aluminium, it can be Rollformed in very long lengths (continuous).

Stalco Colour Range

Stalco offers all our products in a variety of different colour options. Please view them below

Brunswick Green

River Gum*

Silt 25% Gloss

Stoney Beige

Smooth Cream

Dover White

Vincent Brown


Traditional Red

Heritage Red

Tempest 25% Gloss

Charcoal Grey

Mountain Blue 25% Gloss*

Black 25% Gloss

N.B. These are approximate colours. For accuracy, we recommend checking the chosen colour against an actual colour chip sample.
*River Gum Not available in Flowmore. *Brownstone Not available in High Face Quad, Metal Fascia, 115 Quad. *Mountain Blue 25% Gloss Not available in Flowmore, Ogee Aluminium.

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